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There is concern regarding the reservation made for the Milwaukee Lolita Society "Lolita Lunch" on Saturday, May 29, 2010 at 1:00 PM at the George Watts & Son Teashop. Members have had the ability to officially RSVP for the "Lolita Lunch" through the Facebook event and through LiveJournal comments.

However with many members "Maybe Attending" the Facebook event, and members not having access to Facebook or LiveJournal, the administrators of the Milwaukee Lolita Society are concerned that our table at the George Watts & Son Teashop will exceed the fifteen available seats. The reservation cannot be changed and members visiting the Teashop after the fifteen seats have been taken will be turned away on Saturday.

There are eleven people who are officially attending the Milwaukee Lolita Society "Lolita Lunch" on Saturday so there may be four seats available at the George Watts & Son Teashop. If you happen to arrive after the fifteen seats have been taken, there is a Starbucks Coffeehouse near the Teashop, and members from the Teashop could eventually meet with the members from the Starbucks Coffeehouse.

I sincerely apologize for any confusion or complications this has caused. Please contact me on Facebook or through my Gmail account (ellamilwaukee@gmail.com) if you have any suggestions or questions regarding the Lolita Lunch. Also, keep in mind that our next meeting will be an exciting summer activity and will not involve a reservation.

new meet <3

Milwaukee Lolita Society - Lolita Lunch

Date: Saturday, May 29 - 1:00pm-3:00pm
at George Watts & Son Teahouse
761 North Jefferson Street
Milwaukee WI

(current approximate attendance: 10)

includes free valet parking to teahouse guests! it's a wonderful and elegant setting perfect for the lolita aesthetic! hope we see you there! >=3

(we reserved our seats for a potentially larger group to accommodate everyone!)

Lolita Lunch Facebook Event

The Milwaukee Lolita Society is officially on LiveJournal! The
administrators of the Milwaukee Lolita Society are hoping that this
LiveJournal account will become a helpful resource. The Milwaukee
Lolita Society has joined LiveJournal.com to network with other Lolita
fashion communities and to become acquainted with men and women
interested in Lolita fashion in Wisconsin. There will be no shortage
of Milwaukee "Lolita lifestyle" passion on this LiveJournal account.

The Milwaukee Lolita Society is a community for those who adorn
Lolita fashions and are interested in getting together to discuss
different Lolita styles while participating in an assortment of
activities (including enjoying tea at a proper Milwaukee tea house).
This community meets once every two weeks.

The administrators of the Milwaukee Lolita Society want to hear from
you (anytime and all of the time) on LiveJournal or Facebook. We can’t
wait for the conversations to start! So, there you have it. The
Milwaukee Lolita Society's little introduction to LiveJournal. If you
have any questions regarding the Milwaukee Lolita Society, please ask.
We’re listening.

The Milwaukee Lolita Society Facebook Group
The Milwaukee Lolita Society Twitter Account

The Milwaukee Lolita Society Gmail Account - milwaukeelolitasociety@gmail.com